Anxiety and Depression Therapy Group

Green Counseling Services offers group therapy for clients struggling with anxiety and depression. We recognize these disorders can be extremely debilitating and are often accompanied by a sense of isolation and hopelessness. Clients with anxiety and depression are often reluctant to seek support from others despite the fact that social support often helps to alleviate these symptoms. Group therapy for anxiety and depression is often an important addition to individual treatment.


We are pleased to offer a group therapy programs both face to face and via teletherapy which incorporate the leading approaches in effective treatment for anxiety and depression.

What Group Treatment Techniques Do We Use?

 • Cognitive Behavioral techniques to challenge negative self-thoughts which may be adversely impacting recovery


• Interpersonal psychotherapy techniques to examined the ways in which strained interpersonal relationships may be impacting symptoms. Research indicates struggles to cope with difficult interpersonal relationships are often triggers for anxiety and depression. We focus on teaching assertiveness skills, appropriate boundary setting, genuine self-expression, and emotion regulation in interpersonal situations as  strategies to reduce the likelihood of adverse reactions to difficult interpersonal situations


• Psychoeduation regarding psychological, biological, and sociocultural factors which may impact risks for depression and anxiety. We focus on increasing client understanding of these predisposing risk factors as a way to increase perceived control and self-awareness of individual risk patterns


• Stress Management program to teach clients to better understand the ways in which stress impacts the risk for anxiety and depression with a focus on helping clients to better monitor and effectively manage stress within their lives

Interested in Participating?

We are currently screening participants for our upcoming groups. Please reach out with your schedule and preferred method of treatment (telehealth or face to face sessions) by clicking the button below.