Binge Eating and Weight Management Therapy Group

This group is designed for clients struggling with weight management and binge eating disorder. We recognize that gaining control over binge eating behaviors is a very difficult process. Despite their best efforts, clients often experience multiple failed attempts to gain control of their eating behaviors. We utilize the leading approaches in weight control and management to support client’s weight regulation efforts.


Research data indicate the most effective approaches to weight loss and maintenance incorporate behavioral modification and intuitive eating principles which focus on gradual efforts that can be sustained over the long-term. We are pleased to offer a group therapy program which incorporates these evidence-based methods.

What Group Treatment Techniques Do We Use?

• Provide psychoeducation regarding the neuroscience of hunger and satiety. This approach allows clients to become better informed on the ways in which biology impacts basal metabolic rate, hunger and satiety cues, and weight control


• Institute Behavioral Modification techniques to better understand eating disorder triggers, practice better control of stimuli in the environment which may precipitate binge eating, and implement alternate coping behaviors to replace binge eating during times of high emotion

• Incorporate Cognitive Behavioral techniques to monitor, refute, and restructure negative self-thoughts which may lead to feelings of helplessness and discouragement about the weight control process


• Use Dissonance-Based Therapy techniques to challenge anti-fat bias and fat-related stigma


• Provide support and accountability during the behavior change process by listening to each other’s stories and reflecting upon shared experiences and common goals

Interested in Participating?

We are currently screening participants for our upcoming groups. Please reach out with your schedule and preferred method of treatment (telehealth or face to face sessions) by clicking the button below.