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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Group Therapy

Research data indicates group therapy can be a helpful addition to individual therapy. Group therapy can help participants to bond over shared experiences, provide a sense of social support and solidarity, and assist participants to work collectively to challenge factors which may be impeding therapeutic progress.

More about the CBT treatment group

Who: 6-12 clients per group, ages 18-65+

Clients struggling with:

● Depression

● Anxiety disorders

● Substance use problems

● Marital/Relational problems

● Eating disorders

● Severe mental illness



● Learning to recognize one’s distortions in thinking that are creating problems, and then to reevaluate them in light of reality.

● Gaining a better understanding of the behavior and motivation of others.

● Using problem-solving skills to cope with difficult situations.

● Learning to develop a greater sense of confidence in one’s own abilities.



● Facing one’s fears instead of avoiding them.

● Using role playing to prepare for potentially problematic interactions with others.

● Learning to calm one’s mind and relax one’s body.


When: 1 hour, once per week, based on amount of referrals


Where: Zoom

Interested in Participating?

We are currently screening participants for our upcoming groups. Please contact us below to receive more information on joining this group.

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