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Eating Disorder Therapy Group

Research data indicates group therapy can be a helpful addition to individual therapy for the treatment of eating disorders. Group therapy can help participants to bond over shared experiences, provide a sense of social support and solidarity, and assist participants to work collectively to challenge factors which may be impeding therapeutic progress. We are pleased to offer a group therapy program which incorporates the leading approaches in effective eating disorder treatment.

What Group Treatment Techniques Do We Use?

 • Cognitive Behavioral techniques to challenge negative self-thoughts which may be impacting recovery

• Interpersonal psychotherapy techniques to discuss the role of maladaptive social comparison, people pleasing, fear of rejection, self-silencing, and self-monitoring in eating disorder symptoms

• Dissonance-based techniques to examine the impact of sociocultural messages in the internalization of the thin-ideal

• Motivational interviewing techniques to explore personal feelings of anxiety and resistance associated with overcoming disordered eating

Interested in Participating?

We are currently screening participants for our upcoming groups. Please reach out with your schedule and preferred method of treatment (telehealth or face to face sessions) by clicking the button below.

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