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Meet Emily Barnes, tLMHC


Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, University of Northern Iowa

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, Iowa State University


Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Life Transitions, Relationship Stress, Gender & Sexual Identity, Work & Academic Stress, Eating Disorders


Emily (she/her) is a mental health counselor in our Urbandale office, who has experience working with a diverse range of individuals and concerns. Emily is passionate about being an advocate for her clients and is dedicated to providing trauma-informed, culturally sensitive care. Her holistic approach to counseling considers the importance of surrounding systems, adversity, and stigma clients may face and how this impacts therapy.

Emily believes in a collaborative approach to help clients reach their goals. She practices several therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), relational-cultural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), narrative therapy, and feminist theory. Emily creates an atmosphere that promotes acceptance and self-awareness. Through vulnerability and growth-fostering relationships, she believes clients can be empowered to make positive change. Emily understands people flourish when they are respected, valued, and cared for by those around them. She is committed to establishing an intentional therapeutic environment that acknowledges adversity and aids clients in their journey to gain new insights, abilities, and perspectives.

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