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Meet Iyana Leach, tLMHC


Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, University of Iowa

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with an Emphasis in African Studies, University of Iowa

Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, University of Metaphysics


Anxiety, Depression, Substance Use Disorder, Personality Disorders, Trauma, Eating Disorders, Grief, Crisis Intervention, Life Adjustment Issues, Existential Challenges, Identity Exploration


Iyana (she/her) is a counselor who sees clients from our Coralville office. Her counseling style is integrative with an emphasis on Multicultural, Feminist and Cognitive Behavioral therapy. Iyana believes a therapeutic relationship is most effective when built on mutual respect and collaboration. Iyana will always honor the innate wisdom and insight that an individual carries. She rejects the notion that when we experience adversity, we need “rescuing.” Iyana instead embraces the idea that a sacred and safe compassionate holding space to give voice to our narratives will empower us to trust our lived experiences, address our trauma, manage and navigate what is unbearable and embody the ingenuity to live intentionally.


Previously, while providing counseling services at the University of Iowa’s Women’s Resource and Action center Iyana had the privilege to work with people of various cultural, spiritual/religious, and socio-economic backgrounds, including the LGBTQ community. Iyana's counseling experience includes helping adults work through a wide range of issues and concerns such as marginalized populations who have experienced collective and individual trauma, substance use disorder,

personal development, personality disorders, eating disorders, BDD, depression and anxiety disorders, crisis interventions, grief, life adjustment issues, existential challenges, and identity exploration.


Iyana's focus is on promoting consciousness-raising and inviting you to explore how interpersonal relationships, trauma, intersectionality, systems, or disempowerment have influenced your self-efficacy and decisions. She will emphasize and affirm self-definition. Through a collaborative effort, we will build on your acquired strengths. Iyana's role is to offer options regarding evidence based coping skills, create a sacred and safe space for your voice and therapeutic needs while providing you with essential tools and resources to manifest holistic wellness and lead a more authentically empowered life.

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