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Meet Lynn Burham, tLMHC


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Saint Cloud State University

Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Drake University


Anxiety, Depression, Anger Management, Work and Academic Stress, Life Transitions, Relationship Stress, Grief and Bereavement, Eating Disorders


Lynn (she/her) is a mental health counselor in our Urbandale office who has experience working with a diverse population of adults presenting with a variety of concerns. Lynn is a collaborative counselor who works to provide a space for clients to feel welcomed and respected. Together they look at the client’s core values, beliefs, significant relationships, and overall wellbeing. Lynn considers how perceptions impact behavior, communication and relationships. She then works with individuals to understand where their perceptions come from, and how subsequent interactions have affected their beliefs about themselves and their current circumstances.


While concentrating on insight to affect change, Lynn utilizes a variety of techniques to modify thought and behavior patterns that impact the client’s mental health. She considers learned responses and automatic thoughts, and works with clients to consider alternative reactions. She draws from cognitive behavior therapy, emotion focused therapy, and psychodynamic theory to provide a multifaceted approach to mental health.

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